1.2.0 August 7th (2015) @ 22:10pm CEST.

  • Added the option to receive email notifications.
  • Added account profiles (Part 1).
  • Added guild lists. You can now see the guild on ESO Merchant on a per-region basis.
  • Added guild MOTD to guild control panel. The MOTD will be shown on the front page of the guild pages.
  • Added guild applications. You can now apply to join a guild via their ESO Merchant front page.
  • Added the ability to hide crafting orders so they no longer show up on your lists. (You can only hide orders marked "Cancelled", "Declined" or "Completed").
  • Added direct crafter serach links. You can now search specific crafters with just one link. Example: "/forge/crafters/" eg. "http://www.esomerchant.com/forge/crafters/sirmre"
  • Fixed issues which could cause some pages from not loading the content.
  • Fixed a potential issue when trying to update account settings.
  • Fixed "New Order" notifications for single item orders.
  • Fixed an issue where setting profession max item level to 0 would retain the profession for your account.
  • Fixed the "return" links on guilde page's logo.
  • Fixed an issue where the page content would not display when logged in.
  • Fixed some responsive design flaws on guild tables.
  • Fixed the guild member list. It will now stay on the page and allow you to refresh the list.
  • Fixed misc. minor visual issues around the site.
  • Made changes to the "Manage Professions" page to improve changes to save more reliably.

1.1.0 July 19th (2015) @ 17:01pm CEST.

  • Improved site design.
  • Optimised every page to work a lot better on almost all device sizes.
  • Private Messaging system.
  • Added a reporting system. Initially, it work only with the PM system.
  • Added account avatars (upload via account settings). Currently only shows on PMs.
  • Remove @ from usernames, since some use their character names, and @ is PC/Mac only.
  • The system will only retain the 20 latest notifications regarding your account and guild.
  • Removed the limited for how many guilds you can make/join.
  • The whole UI should now be fully translated to German once again.
  • General system optimisations and stability fixes.
  • Everyone on your orders and requests should no longer show up as being a guildie.

1.0.2 July 3rd (2015) @ 18:00pm CEST.

  • Added the ability to go back to ESO Merchant core site from clicking the top-left logo on a guild site.
  • Added the ability to show others which country you are from.
  • Added a welcome notification when you login first time.
  • Improvements to the back-end which helps speed up translations.
  • Highlights the current region in the top of each page where it is applicable.
  • Fixed caching issue on "Manage Profession" page, which would ignore language preference.
  • Fixed an issue on the "Find A Crafter" page, where clicking the username would send you back to the front page.
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips would not show for crafters on the "Find Crafter" page.
  • A Wildcard SSL certificate have been installed to cover the entire ESOMerchant.com domain. SSL issues should no longer be a problem.

1.0.1 June 27th (2015) @ 20:45pm CEST.

  • Improved "Get Started" FAQ.
  • You can now set a timezone for your account, so timestamps fit your zone.
  • Updated timestamps to be more informative.
  • Added changelog FAQ.
  • Fixed permissions for guild news feed.
  • Fixed translation errors on FAQ pages.

1.0.0 June 26th (2015) @ 21:30pm CEST.

  • Added Google Authenticator as alternative authentication method. See your settings
  • Added a basic getting started page
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Better simple, but better "Call To Arms"
  • Added Activity Feed - the front page will now show a notification feed for your guild or you
Fixes (Not in detail):
  • To the translations
  • To The Forge
  • To the Guild Manager
  • To the General System
  • To the User Settings