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Welcome To ESO Merchant!

ESO Merchant is a place for crafters and people who needed something crafted.
Serving 1706 players (and counting), across all ESO regions.

Can't decide? Not a problem, you can be both! Just sign up to get started.

Known Limitations/Issues

  • Alchemy Recipes are limited currently (as there are so many different ways to make eg. a health potion). I will be looking into another way of for the alchemy part.
  • German translations still needed for provisioning. With new updates, translations might not be finished for new features added. If you would like to help, let me know!

Special Thanks

A big special thanks to the following people for being a big help with everything from data and translations to UI ideas and bug hunting:


August 7th (2015) @ 22:10pm CEST.

  • Added the option to receive email notifications.
  • Added account profiles (Part 1).
  • Added guild lists. You can now see the guild on ESO Merchant on a per-region basis.
  • Added guild MOTD to guild control panel. The MOTD will be shown on the front page of the guild pages.
  • Added guild applications. You can now apply to join a guild via their ESO Merchant front page.
  • Added the ability to hide crafting orders so they no longer show up on your lists. (You can only hide orders marked "Cancelled", "Declined" or "Completed").
  • Added direct crafter serach links. You can now search specific crafters with just one link. Example: "/forge/crafters/" eg. ""
  • Fixed issues which could cause some pages from not loading the content.
  • Fixed a potential issue when trying to update account settings.
  • Fixed "New Order" notifications for single item orders.
  • Fixed an issue where setting profession max item level to 0 would retain the profession for your account.
  • Fixed the "return" links on guilde page's logo.
  • Fixed an issue where the page content would not display when logged in.
  • Fixed some responsive design flaws on guild tables.
  • Fixed the guild member list. It will now stay on the page and allow you to refresh the list.
  • Fixed misc. minor visual issues around the site.
  • Made changes to the "Manage Professions" page to improve changes to save more reliably.

THANK YOU so very much to all of you who submit bug reports, features and the kind words along the way. I really appreciate it.